A Close Call for this Lucky Kitty!

This is why we remind everyone to cut up and properly dispose of all food bags, including chip bags, snack bags, cereal bags, pet food bags, etc. This cat got very lucky when a Good Samaritan saw him struggling with a chip bag over his head.

She writes: “This poor little kitty. Saw "this" as I drove down Sagepark. I thought WTH, backed up & the poor thing was panting, just lying there. I grabbed the Lay's chip bag off of his head & he scampered away. Just sat stunned, drooling & still panting. My first thought was, who did this!? But then again, he could have just been trying to get the crumbs out & the bag got stuck on his head.”  

Stray dogs, feral cats, and all types of wildlife are vulnerable to suffocation when they find food bags people have thrown in the trash or left at beaches, parks, and campsites. Please help protect our animals by taking measures to prevent pet suffocation. It just takes a few minutes to help save an animal’s life. 

Visit our website at www.preventpetsuffocation.com for more information and safety tips.

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