🐶🐱 June is National Pet Preparedness Month! Are you including your pets in your family emergency plan?⁣

Our rescue dog, Blue, (in photo above) was hit by a car around midnight on New Year’s Eve eleven years ago. He sneaked out the front door when a dinner guest went to his car to get his phone. We had to rush Blue to an ER Vet who helped save his broken leg. There was only one ER Vet nearby, and luckily, we knew where it was ahead of time.  

⁣We know that your pets are important family members, so this month, make sure you’re prepared to keep them safe no matter what happens.⁣

⁣The likelihood that you and your animals will survive an emergency such as a fire or flood, tornado, hurricane, or evacuation depends largely on emergency planning.⁣

⁣What can you do?⁣

⁣✔️ Assemble an animal emergency supply kit with food, water, a first aid kit, collar, leash, toys, and any items your pet might need on the go.⁣

⁣✔️ Develop a pet care buddy system. Plan with friends and neighbors to ensure your pet will be taken care of even if you’re not around.⁣

⁣✔️ Have a copy of your pet’s vet records and include a photo of you and your pet to show ownership in case you become separated. ⁣

⁣✔️ Create a list of places that accept pets if an emergency happens. ⁣

⁣✔️ Have an evacuation plan ready and practice with your pets. ⁣

⁣✔️ Visit ready.gov to learn more about the steps you can take to keep your pets safe!

Help keep your pets safe! Be Prepared!