🌎 Happy Earth Day 2021!

As life begins to return to normal, Earth Day is an amazing reminder of the work still left to be done. This year, Earth Day is focused on “Restore Our Earth™.”

Unfortunately, the use of plastics has soared during the pandemic and greatly increased plastic pollution in our oceans, landfills, cities, highways, forests, parks, and neighborhoods. Masks, gloves, take-out bags, plastic containers, and packaging are in abundant use, and, without proper disposal, many end up discarded on beaches, roads, lawns, parking lots, and parks.

The marine conservation group OceansAsia estimated in a report that more than 1.5 billion masks entered the oceans in 2020 alone. ⁣⁣It is up to us to make this planet a safer place for both animals and humans. One of the ways we can do that is by being more mindful and proactive about the sheer amount of plastic being strewn about. If you see a mask, gloves, plastic bags, chip bags, straws, or any other litter on the ground, please pick it up and discard it appropriately. 

Together, we’ll can Restore Our Earth and make this planet a safer place for both animals and humans! 🌎