Does Your Pup Beg at the Table?

🐶 Do you often have an audience while you dine?

If you own a dog, most likely, the answer is yes! It’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes while we eat. They can look so cute trying to get you to throw them some tidbits. 

Having your dog beg can not only be very annoying, but it can also be a safety risk for your pup. It just takes a few minutes for a dog to grab a chip bag or other food bag or container while you are distracted and find themselves at risk for pet suffocation.

Keep these handy safety tips in mind to help prevent your pets from begging while you are eating.

✔️ The easiest way to prevent your dog from begging is to not have them near you while you eat. Confine your dog to another room or put them in their crate while you eat. 

✔️ Train them to find something else to do while you are eating and to ignore you.

✔️ Teach them to go to a designated spot and stay there while you're eating. 

✔️ Don’t give your pups table scraps as it will reinforce the begging behavior. 

✔️ Use positive reinforcement when your dog leaves people’s food alone. 

✔️ Keep all food bags and containers off the table while you eat.  

Make sure the whole family follows the same rules and boundaries so your pup doesn’t get confused. With a well-behaved dog at meal times, eating can be more relaxing for you and safer for your pups. 

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