It's National Fire Pup Day!

Today is National Fire Pup Day! A special day to honor all the various dogs who have been volunteer fire pups through the years. Canine firefighters, usually a Dalmation, have long been members of fire departments across the country. ⁣

⁣This year, fire dogs have been making a comeback. Between the challenges of the pandemic and an increase in out-of-control fires, especially in the west, the stress on firefighters has increased dramatically. Several firehouses have adopted and trained pups as full-time therapy dogs to help with the firefighters’ anxiety and post-traumatic stress syndrome. These pups offer emotional support and help boost morale which is invaluable. 

⁣While Dalmations are still recognized as firehouse mascots and are used to educate the public about fire safety while honoring the heroism of former fire pups, many other breeds, including rescue pups, are also playing a vital role in supporting our brave firefighters. ⁣

⁣National Fire Pup Day is also an excellent time to review your home fire safety plan to include your pets. Things to do:⁣

⁣👉🏼 Make sure your smoke alarms and batteries are working and up to date.⁣

⁣👉🏼 Consider installing monitored fire protection.⁣

⁣👉🏼 Keep a fire extinguisher within reach. ⁣

⁣👉🏼 Have a set plan on how to remove your pets in case of an emergency, especially if they are crated. ⁣

⁣👉🏼 Teach your children about your Fire Safety Plan, and how to call 911.⁣

⁣And, give your sweet pups some extra hugs and playtime to celebrate this important tribute to the extraordinary fire dogs! 🐶

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