Keep All Bags Away From Pets!

Have you ever seen your cat or dog with some type of bag over its head? A chip bag? A cereal bag? A pet food bag? A snack bag? A plastic bag? A grocery bag? Maybe your pet was trying to get the last of the food crumbs or hoping to find other savory snacks. 

Animals are naturally curious, and most aren’t afraid to go looking for something to snack on!

❌ However, most pet owners don’t know that these simple, common household items can pose a serious suffocation risk to their pets.⁣⁣

Both dogs and cats can suffocate within minutes if they get inside a chip bag, snack bag, pet food bag, or any type of plastic bag or container.  When a curious dog or cat puts his head into a food bag, the bag can create a vacuum-like seal around the dog’s neck.  As he tries to breathe, the bag tightens around his neck, cutting off the oxygen. This happens within minutes.

✔️ Please visit our Facebook page and website at to learn quick and easy ways to keep your pets safe from pet suffocation. ⁣⁣When we work together, we can save the lives of even more pets! 🐶🐱

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