Protect Your Birds From Pet Suffocation!

Did you know your pet birds are vulnerable to pet suffocation? When we think about protecting our domestic and exotic birds at home, many bird owners know about the hazards birds can encounter in a home like open water, ceiling fans, windows, doors, mirrors, electrical cords, toxic substances, and other pets. But many people don’t know that birds are also at risk for pet suffocation. 

Many birds, like Tango and Sasha, the beautiful Caique Parrots pictured above, love to get into plastic baggies and other bags like dogs and cats do. This can quickly lead to a dangerous suffocation situation for your bird, as he struggles to get free of the bag. Pet suffocation happens within minutes!

So, as you would do for your dogs and cats, follow the same tips to prevent pet suffocation for your beloved birds.

🐦 Serve chips and snacks in resealable plastic containers or glass bowls instead of bags ⁣⁣

🐦 Cut up all chip bags and snack bags⁣⁣

🐦 Keep your kitchen pantry door and trash can lids tightly closed⁣

🐦 Make sure food bags are not left on tops of counters or refrigerators where birds can easily reach them

🐦 Be extra vigilant to ensure that family members, friends, and pet sitters are aware of the risks of pet suffocation and its causes⁣

Enjoy your beautiful birds knowing they are safe in your home!

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November 28, 2023
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