The Pandemic and Pooches!

As we have all had to navigate through this unprecedented pandemic, one positive aspect has been that the sales and adoptions of dogs has soared in the last few months. More dogs are finding new homes, and the shelters were able to place many pups in foster homes, too. Many shelters and breeders now have long waiting lists for people wanting to add a canine companion to their home.

It's no secret that dogs have a positive effect on our mental, emotional, and physical heath. As so many of us were forced to socially distance from friends, family, and co-workers, it has been comforting to share this uncertain time with those who provide unconditional love - our pups.

As the demand for dogs continues and young and old pups are integrated into new homes, it's important to remember to dog-proof your home against pet suffocation. Please visit our website's Information page to learn more on safeguarding your beloved pets against pet suffocation. Enjoy your new best friend!

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