What If Your Pet Starts Choking?

🚨Are you prepared to save your dog if he starts choking?

We have all had that scare where we've seen our pups cough, gag, or clear their throat while chewing a dog treat, a milk bone, or a rawhide or even while playing with a ball or chew toy. Usually, it's no problem and the dog happily continues chewing. But, what if he starts to really choke? What can you do?

Act quickly and calmly! Try to locate and clear the food or foreign object from the dog's airway by carefully using your fingers. Use caution so you do not get accidentally bitten, and don't force anything if you are not certain. If you can see an object in your pet's mouth, consider using the Heimlich Maneuver. However, if you suspect your dog is seriously choking, it's best to rush them to a vet first.

To help prevent choking, always supervise your pup when he's playing with balls and toys and eating treats like rawhides, bully sticks, and milk bones. Don't leave snack bags, food bags, and other objects out where they can get into trouble.

Have a first aid kit ready and learn CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver to better ensure your pet's safety. Preparation is key!

Thank you to the Meredith Corp. and Daily Paws for the Heimlich Maneuver infographic and information. 🐶🐱

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