A Close Call for This Lucky Pup!

Jade Beckett was within seconds of losing her puppy when she found Bailey non-responsive in a chip bag in October. Jade writes, “I nearly lost my boy today, who has a cone on and was very nearly taken from by a Lay’s crisp packet (chip bag). I gave him CPR and he spent a few hours on oxygen at the vets. One the worst experiences I have ever gone through. Bailey is 5 months old. I was home and he was left in the lounge while I left for 5 minutes to speak to a contractor who was working on the bathroom. I also puppy proofed the room but I did not for an instant think to move the wrapper that was left on the side. When I returned to the room I was faced with feces that had been skidded throughout. I thought it was very strange at first, as he’s totally house trained. I found him behind the door unconscious with the crisp wrapper fully over his mouth/nose. He was not responsive, I began resuscitating. I am very lucky to have YouTubed the correct method of CPR for dogs days prior out of intrigue. I was able to bring him back around and he was rushed to the vet who put him on oxygen. No further tests were needed and the vet was happy with his recovery. I was informed that if he was left for 60-90 seconds longer in that situation I’d have lost him or he could have become severely brain damaged. I’ve done so much research since and I’m absolutely shocked at how often this occurrence happens. It’s true, you don’t know the dangers until it happens in front of your eyes.”

Prevent Pet Suffocation recommends all pet owners learn Pet CPR, as you never know when you may need it. In our pet suffocation survey results, 28% of the pet owners attempted Pet CPR, and 10% were successful in reviving their dog. Many times it is too late when a pet is discovered following a suffocation event, but CPR can sometimes make a huge difference. Please view a video posted on our website under Blue’s Blog on how to perform Pet CPR.

Prevent Pet Suffocation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.
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