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Many people erroneously believe that a dog can simply remove a chip bag from his head with his front paws or tear through it with his claws. This is just not the case. Once the bag starts to seal around the dog’s neck, it’s extremely difficult to break the suction of the seal. ALL dogs are vulnerable to pet suffocation – no matter their size, breed, or age. No dog, from a tiny Teacup Poodle to a massive Great Dane, can win a fight with a chip bag or other plastic bag over his head once the bag seals and he starts to lose oxygen.¬†

Home Safety Measures  

  • Keep all chip/snack/pet food bags safely stored away from your pet.
  • Tear or cut up all chip bags, food bags, and food packages after use.
  • Put lids back on jars and containers when disposing of them.
  • Store chips/snacks/pet food in resealable plastic containers.
  • Serve chips and snacks in glass bowls or containers instead of in food bags.
  • Keep all trash can lids tightly fastened, locked, or behind a cabinet.
  • Keep the kitchen pantry door closed.
  • Don’t store food bags on top of counters or appliances where a cat can easily reach by jumping.  
  • Don’t let your cats play with plastic bags or food cartons. 
  • Do not allow your pets to roam freely in the house while you are away.
  • Check the house¬†before leaving for any pet suffocation risks.
  • Don’t store pet food bags in the garage.
  • Check your vehicles for chip/snack/food bags and drink cups. 
  • Don’t leave your dog in the car alone with fast food bags, snack bags, or food and drink containers.   
  • Learn CPR for pets.
  • Practice these guidelines whether you own a pet or not – it helps protect stray dogs, feral cats, and wildlife. 

Educating Family and Friends 

  • Alert all your friends and family about the pet suffocation dangers of food bags.
  • Teach your children not to leave snack bags and food in their backpacks or bedrooms. 
  • Educate dog walkers, pet sitters, and babysitters about pet suffocation prevention.
  • Remind overnight guests not to leave food bags and snacks in their luggage or purses.  
  • Be extra vigilant during family and holiday gatherings.

Social Awareness

  • Lobby companies to add warning labels on snack/cereal/dog food bags.
  • Sign our online petition to Frito Lay to add warning labels to their chip bags.
  • Alert your vet, local shelters, and rescue groups by sharing our infographics
  • Share our website on your social media sites. 
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