An Inspiring Reason to Learn Pet CPR!

A happy ending for this little Dachshund mix pup named Honey who was saved with CPR after almost suffocating in a snack bag in early March. 

Melissa Deckelbaum writes, "I am a veterinary technician. We have three dogs.  After working an overnight shift, I returned home and found my son's dog in his room with a snack bag stuck on her head suffocating. He had left for school at 7 and I got home at 9. I have no idea how long she had her head in that bag.  She was limp, unconscious, and hyperventilating.  Her gums and tongue were blue.  I immediately started giving her mouth to snout breaths and some chest compressions.  In a few short minutes, which seemed like hours, she was conscious and walking around, although she was lethargic and stumbling.  I brought her to a local emergency vet, luckily she was stable and required no oxygen, but I kept her there for the day since I had to go home and sleep. Within hours she was completely normal and home, acting like nothing happened. I, however, am traumatized by the whole incident. The vision of her laying there with a bag over her head. The thought that had I gotten home a few minutes later, this would have had a completely different outcome. I work with sick and dying animals every day, I’ve had my share of my own personal pet losses, but this is something I will never get out of my mind."

Honey was very lucky and almost didn't make it. Please take the time to learn Pet CPR. You never know when you might need it. There is a CPR video posted on the Blog on our website at Thank you!

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