Visit our Memorial Photos Page!

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Have you seen our updated Memorial Photos Page on our website honoring hundreds of dogs and cats that we have lost due to pet suffocation? We honor all of these beautiful faces who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and whose personal stories help spread awareness to prevent pet suffocation. To view, click on “Memorial Photos Page” on the Tool Bar Menu above.

New Podcast with Dog Desk Radio!

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Check out my latest podcast interview on pet suffocation from across the pond with Michelle Robertson, a dedicated animal advocate and host of Dog Desk Radio, a division of the UK’s Dog Desk Animal Action! Dog Desk Animal Action is a registered non-profit consisting of a radio station, a magazine, and a newsroom. Their mission supports rescues, organizations, and people looking to improve the health and well-being of animals. It was wonderful to spread awareness with our friends in the UK! To listen, click on “Press” above, then “Videos”.

Dangers of Food Bags in Cars

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Do you like to take your pet along with you for the ride? Most people do! Do you leave fast food bags, snack bags, purses, backpacks, grocery bags, and other bags in your car? Most people do!⁣⁣

However, these bags and what’s in them actually pose a serious suffocation risk to your pets. While you are inside a store or building doing a quick errand, your dog has plenty of time to nose around looking for food. He can get into serious trouble within minutes and can suffocate quickly. We have heard from too many distraught pet owners who came back to their car and found their dog in an emergency situation.  ⁣⁣
Always check your vehicle for anything dangerous your pup can get into. Don’t leave any food items or bags in the car while the dog is left alone. This year, create a safe space for your pets both in your home and in your car! 🐶🐱

New! Text-To-Give!

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We’ve made it even easier to support Prevent Pet Suffocation! Our new Text-To-Give feature is now available. Simply Text 855-671-2369 and write Give and your gift amount in the message. Example – Give 5 or Give 10. Follow the instructions on the return link. Use for a one-time or subsequent donation. Thank you!

National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

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Saturday, November 7, 2020, is National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day – a day to spread education and awareness about canine lymphoma.

National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day was founded by dog agility trainer, Terry Simons, after he lost his beloved pup,  Reveille, to this heartbreaking disease.  It also inspired him to create CLEAR – Canine Lymphoma Education Awareness and Research – which is also dedicated to increasing awareness of and a cure for canine lymphoma through education and research.

Tucker, the Mini Goldendoodle in the photo, is my grand-dog who was diagnosed with T Cell Canine Lymphoma in June 2019 at age 6. The average survival rate is 12 months, and luckily, with excellent veterinary treatment and dedicated fur parents, Tucker has surpassed that by several months. Though he is slowing down, he is still enjoying his delicious food, neighborhood walks, and lots of cuddling from his parents. 

So our family applauds CLEAR and its mission to empower dog owners with knowledge while working towards a cure for canine lymphoma.

To honor this day, learn more about canine lymphoma and consider donating to research or to an organization that can help pet owners that may need financial help for treatment. Use #CanineLymphomaAwarnessDay to share on social media.  

Cats are Vulnerable to Pet Suffocation, too!

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Cats are just as vulnerable to pet suffocation as dogs! Due to their agility, cats are able to access many locations like high countertops, shelves, and pantries. They can also squeeze into different types of containers that dogs can’t. Cats love to seek out cozy, tight spaces to relax, and they enjoy playing with all types of bags.

Be extra cautious when leaving bags on top of the fridge, in the laundry room or garage, and on countertops and shelves. Cut up all bags and dispose of them properly. Keep all containers tightly closed and safely out of reach of your pets. Always close drawers and appliance lids like washers and dryers. Cats are quick on their feet, and we have to stay on our toes!