Dog Rescued from Plastic Container in India

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Fire Brigade personnel in India were quick to rescue this distressed pup from a plastic container a few days ago. The dog was found roaming the streets with the container stuck over his head and was close to suffocation. Luckily, they were able to cut away the container within 20 minutes.

Pet suffocation happens all over the world which is why we share our international awareness campaign globally. All pets are at risk of suffocation. We must all do our part in protecting our pets, stray dogs, feral cats, and wildlife from the perils of suffocation.

Even if you’re not a pet owner, make sure that you’re still cutting up your chip bags, snack bags, pet food bags, and all other food bags before you dispose of them. These food bags can get into our landfills, yards, picnic areas, beach areas, and hiking spots and pose suffocation risks to stray dogs, feral cats, deer, foxes, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife. ⁣⁣

Play your part in protecting our animals from suffocation! (Photo Credit – The Indian Express) 🐺

It’s National Rescue Dog Day!

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It’s National Rescue Dog Day! 🐶⁣

⁣National Rescue Dog Day was founded to bring awareness to the countless number of amazing dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted, to educate young children about animals, and to encourage spaying and neutering of pets.⁣ Rescue dogs often overcome extreme circumstances, and yet they often provide comfort, security, love, and friendship as devoted family pets.⁣

⁣Sadie, the Golden Retriever in the photo, was rescued by the Dacus family after they lost their beloved Yellow Lab to pet suffocation in 2020. Sadie has helped the family heal and brought lots of smiles and laughter.  A simple act of adoption has enriched both of their lives.⁣

⁣How can you get involved today? Here’s a list from⁣

⁣🐶 ADOPT: If there is room in your life for a dog, consider adoption and giving one a forever home.⁣

🐶 FOSTER: Many dogs abandoned to shelters benefit from socialization or would just thrive better outside of a shelter environment. Others may be in need of some medical care or rehabilitation in a home setting before an adoption can take place.⁣

⁣🐶 DONATE: Shelters always need donations. In addition to financial donations, shelters have a list of much needed items such as blankets, toys, treats, and leashes.⁣

⁣🐶 VOLUNTEER: Help out at your local shelter. Taking dogs for walks, grooming them, and giving them plenty of affection improves their socialization.⁣

⁣🐶 SPAY/NEUTER: Be responsible for your pets. Overpopulation is the number one reason shelters exist.⁣

⁣Visit for more information!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day from our Founder, Bonnie Harlan, and her dog, Jag!

 Wishing all of the wonderful moms and fur moms a special day of joy and celebration. You are appreciated! 

As we inch into summer, don’t forget to take time for yourselves – a romp with your pup, a playdate with your kids, a fun date night, or some well-deserved self-care! Enjoy your special day!

Does Your Dog Love to Ride in the Car with You?

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🚗 Does your pet love to ride in the car with you?

With summer approaching, there’s nothing more fun than bringing your pet along for the adventure, so please make sure that you’re also keeping pet suffocation risks in mind! We have lost several pups to suffocation after they got into a food bag or food container while waiting in the car.

❌ Leaving fast food bags, snack bags, drink containers, and other food bags in your car, purse, or backpack can pose a serious suffocation risk to your pets.

Running a quick errand and leaving your pet unsupervised for just a few minutes leaves enough time for them to suffocate from one of these items.

This week, make it a goal to clean out your car and create a safe space for your pets both inside and outside of your home! 🐶🐱

Tips for Summer Pet Suffocation Safety!

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As the sun continues to shine and the outdoors beckons, make sure you keep pet safety in mind while enjoying all outdoor activities like hiking, walking, barbecuing, picnicking, swimming, or camping!

Snacks such as potato chips, popcorn, pretzels, sandwiches, cookies, and candy are great for groups, but the bags that they’re packaged in pose a serious suffocation risk for your pets.⁣

So, what can you do?

✔️ Cut up your chip bags, snack bags, pet food bags, and all other food bags before you dispose of them. 

✔️ Make sure to serve your snacks in plastic bowls and containers and cut up all food bags before disposing of them.⁣

✔️ Take extra precautions when you are at a beach, at the lake, on a picnic, or are camping, hiking, or biking.

✔️ As you’re socializing, it’s important to keep an eye on your pets, as well! Don’t leave them unattended around the delicious food and snacks, as pet suffocation happens within minutes! ⁣

✔️ Leave no trash behind if you’re bringing snacks, drinks, or any type of food bags or containers outside.

With a little extra precaution, you can enjoy the outdoors freely without putting any of our wonderful pets at risk!

Celebrate National Pet Parents Day!

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 🐶🐱 Happy National Pet Parents Day! A special day to honor all the dedicated pet parents across the nation!

As loving pet parents, we faithfully take care of our pets, feed them, play with them, groom them, take them to the vet, and spoil them as much as possible. Our reward is the unconditional love from our beloved pets.   

To celebrate YOUR day as the best pet parents ever, take your furry family member on a pretty drive or a scenic walk or pack a delicious picnic with your favorite treats. Set-up your own family photoshoot and post on social media. 

Not a pet parent yet? Consider fostering or rescuing a shelter dog or cat who would love to become a part of your family! Hug your pets extra tight today! ❤️

Today is World Veterinary Day!

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💙 It’s World Veterinary Day! Today is the 21st Anniversary of this wonderful day to highlight the extraordinary roles veterinarians perform around the world. 

Today, we are extra thankful for the professionals that work every day to keep our pets safe – like the wonderful vet above who works at the veterinary clinic I take my pup to. Where would we be without these amazing people that keep our pets healthy and also perform life-saving techniques and surgeries when needed?

During the pandemic, veterinarians have worked tirelessly and safely to continue seeing our beloved pets. Along with their dedicated staff, they revised their protocols so pet owners could continue getting the medical care needed for their furry family members.

📱 Show your appreciation to these wonderful medical caregivers by posting a special thank you to your veterinarian on social media. Include a photo of your pet to personalize your message. Thank a vet today!

And remember: Keeping your pets safe at home is one of the best ways to avoid an emergency trip to the vet.

Celebrate Earth Day!

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🌎 Happy Earth Day 2021!

As life begins to return to normal, Earth Day is an amazing reminder of the work still left to be done. This year, Earth Day is focused on “Restore Our Earth™.”

Unfortunately, the use of plastics has soared during the pandemic and greatly increased plastic pollution in our oceans, landfills, cities, highways, forests, parks, and neighborhoods. Masks, gloves, take-out bags, plastic containers, and packaging are in abundant use, and, without proper disposal, many end up discarded on beaches, roads, lawns, parking lots, and parks.

The marine conservation group OceansAsia estimated in a report that more than 1.5 billion masks entered the oceans in 2020 alone. ⁣⁣It is up to us to make this planet a safer place for both animals and humans. One of the ways we can do that is by being more mindful and proactive about the sheer amount of plastic being strewn about. If you see a mask, gloves, plastic bags, chip bags, straws, or any other litter on the ground, please pick it up and discard it appropriately. 

Together, we’ll can Restore Our Earth and make this planet a safer place for both animals and humans! 🌎

Help Protect Our Wildlife from Suffocation!

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All pets are at risk of suffocation, but did you know that this problem affects our wildlife all over the world, as well?⁣⁣

This duck in the United Kingdom was found by a passer-by with a chip bag stuck over his head. Luckily, the bag was removed in time, and the lucky duck was saved from suffocation.

We must all do our part in protecting our wildlife from the perils of suffocation. Most wild animals are alone in the wilderness and do not have anyone to readily help them.  

Even if you’re not a pet owner, make sure that you’re still cutting up your chip bags, snack bags, pet food bags, and all other food bags before you dispose of them.These food bags can get into our landfills, yards, picnic areas, beach areas, and hiking spots and pose suffocation risks to stray dogs, feral cats, deer, foxes, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife. ⁣⁣

Play your part in protecting our wildlife! (Photo Credit – Eastnews Press Agency) 🐺

Tips to Help Your Pet Transition Easily When You Return to the Office

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Will you be returning to the office soon? Learn how to prepare your pets for your transition back to the office!

❤️ One highlight of the pandemic has been the opportunity for many of us to spend more quality time with our favorite pets. Instead of rushing out the door every morning, we have been able to spend our working hours with our pets cuddled up beside us. We benefited from the ongoing unconditional love and companionship, and so did our pets.  

With more and more people being vaccinated, a lot of us will slowly head back to our offices, colleges, travel trips, and vacations. Now is the time to think about how you will help your dog or cat transition to more alone time to reduce his anxiety and loneliness. 

Some tips to prepare to minimize the disruption to your pet’s routine: 

🐶 Start leaving the house more frequently and with longer durations. This will help your pet get used to the idea of you being away, and that you always come back.

🐱 Familiarize your pet with the rituals you had in place before – like giving a treat when leaving or playing with them at a certain time of day. Adjust their feeding and walking schedule to your working schedule. This will help them adapt to the new time constraints.

🐶 If you crate your dog, start reintroducing it when you leave for short periods or even when you are home. Let them get used to not being by your side all day.

🐱 Tire them out mentally and make sure they get enough exercise to help reduce separation anxiety. 

🐶 If you are going back to a pet daycare or using a dog walker, start introducing it again in small doses. 

🐱 If you notice your pet starts exhibiting anxiety or troublesome behaviors, speak to a pet trainer or your vet.

With a little pre-planning, we can all make our transitions back to work or school a smooth one!