This weekend we honor International Homeless Animals’ Day! It’s a day to spread awareness on the ongoing plight of homeless animals by focusing on the overpopulation problem and providing a voice for these often forgotten animals.⁣ Over 70 million cats and dogs alone are homeless in the United States, with millions more homeless worldwide. ⁣

⁣To help observe this important day:⁣

⁣🐶 Volunteer at and/or donate to your local animal shelter⁣

⁣🐱 Adopt a homeless cat or dog⁣

⁣🐶 Educate others on the importance of spaying/neutering⁣

⁣🐱 Encourage people to adopt a pet rather than buy one⁣

⁣🐶 Use #InternationalHomelessAnimalsDay to share on social media⁣

⁣Another important reminder of why we cut up chip bags and other food bags is to protect all the stray dogs and feral cats that roam the landfills, neighborhoods, beaches and campsites foraging for food. Please help keep them safe from suffocation, too! ⁣Keep all of our beloved animals in mind and make sure you’re cutting up your bags before disposing of them! 🐶🐱