Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 💥

⁣With holiday celebrations in full swing this year, Memorial Day is known as the unofficial start to summer! It’s the perfect weekend to celebrate with family, friends, and pets with a pool party, BBQ, backyard games, or watching baseball.⁣

⁣No matter how you celebrate, it’s important to keep your pet’s safety in mind. Below are some tips to help protect your pets from mishaps and accidents while preoccupied with entertaining or playing. ⁣

⁣✔️ HOLIDAY FOODS – Make sure your pet can’t ingest any holiday foods and treats like bones, grapes, onions, chocolate, xylitol, and alcoholic beverages.⁣

⁣✔️ FOOD BAGS – Keep all food bags like chip bags, snack bags, marshmello bags, and plastic bags safely stored away from your pets to prevent pet suffocation. Cut up all bags and dispose of properly. With more guests and children around, it’s easy to get distracted and not notice what your pet is up to. ⁣

⁣✔️ POOLS – Never leave your pets unsupervised around a pool, lake, or other bodies of water. Have your dog wear a flotation device when on boats. Don’t allow your dog to drink pool water which contains toxic chemicals. ⁣

⁣✔️ SHADE – Pets can get dehydrated quickly, so if you’re spending time in the yard, at the beach, or at the pool, make sure your dogs have plenty of water and shade. ⁣

⁣✔️ IDS – With the hustle and bustle of traveling over the weekend or celebrating with friends and family, you want to ensure your pet doesn’t escape or get lost. Make sure that your pet is microchipped or has an ID tag on his collar.⁣

⁣With these pet safety tips in mind, you can relax and enjoy the kick-off to summer! 💥

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