Do you like to take your pet along with you for the ride? Most people do! Do you leave fast food bags, snack bags, purses, backpacks, grocery bags, and other bags in your car? Most people do!⁣⁣

However, these bags and what’s in them actually pose a serious suffocation risk to your pets. While you are inside a store or building doing a quick errand, your dog has plenty of time to nose around looking for food. He can get into serious trouble within minutes and can suffocate quickly. We have heard from too many distraught pet owners who came back to their car and found their dog in an emergency situation.  ⁣⁣
Always check your vehicle for anything dangerous your pup can get into. Don’t leave any food items or bags in the car while the dog is left alone. This year, create a safe space for your pets both in your home and in your car! 🐶🐱