Fire Brigade personnel in India were quick to rescue this distressed pup from a plastic container a few days ago. The dog was found roaming the streets with the container stuck over his head and was close to suffocation. Luckily, they were able to cut away the container within 20 minutes.

Pet suffocation happens all over the world which is why we share our international awareness campaign globally. All pets are at risk of suffocation. We must all do our part in protecting our pets, stray dogs, feral cats, and wildlife from the perils of suffocation.

Even if you’re not a pet owner, make sure that you’re still cutting up your chip bags, snack bags, pet food bags, and all other food bags before you dispose of them. These food bags can get into our landfills, yards, picnic areas, beach areas, and hiking spots and pose suffocation risks to stray dogs, feral cats, deer, foxes, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife. ⁣⁣

Play your part in protecting our animals from suffocation! (Photo Credit – The Indian Express) 🐺