Dog With Container Stuck on His Head Rescued!

This sweet Boxer/Pit Bull stray was often seen roaming about in Jefferson City, MO. One day in October, he was spotted by a wonderful dog rescuer and Prevent Pet Suffocation advocate with a plastic container stuck on his head. The neighborhood dog rescue groups banded together to capture “Simon” who was very elusive. He was tracked for a week by the local group of dog lovers dedicated to saving him. Most likely, Simon got the plastic container stuck on his head when scavenging for food and likely from the recycle center near where he was first seen. Luckily, the rescuers were able to lure him into a cage with the smell of cooked chicken. They successfully removed the container and transported him to a shelter.

Simon’s story is why we urge everyone to dispose of your trash properly. Cut up all food bags and crush containers or keep the lids tightly screwed on. This protects stray dogs, feral cats, and all types of wildlife who can easily access trash in landfills, parks, beaches, forests, lakes, etc. Simon was one of the lucky ones and was rescued, but many animals that live outside are not as lucky. Visit our website at to learn more on how to prevent pet suffocation at home and outside.

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The pet you save may be your own.
November 28, 2023
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