First Day of Summer!

It’s the first official day of summer! ⁣

⁣Looking for fun ideas on how to make sure your pup has a fantastic summer? Here are a few things to add to your calendar:⁣

⁣☀️ Treat them to a pup cup at your favorite local ice cream shop⁣

⁣☀️ Head to the pool or beach for an afternoon of swimming and relaxing in the sun⁣

⁣☀️ Go for a hike in the woods to get some fresh air⁣

⁣☀️ Schedule a puppy playdate with a loved one so your dog can socialize⁣

Remember: Don’t forget to pack water and treats for them. And, never leave your pups in the car this summer! Dogs overheat very quickly and struggle to cool themselves down.⁣⁣

By being mindful of their needs, you can make sure your furry family members have an adventure-filled summer! ☀️🐶☀️

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