Food Bags Can Be Deadly To Pets!

How many chip bags, snack bags, pet food bags, and other food bags do you have in your house right now? Things like:⁣

⁣✔️ Potato chips⁣

⁣✔️ Pretzels⁣

⁣✔️ Popcorn⁣

⁣✔️ Cereal⁣

⁣✔️ Shredded Cheese ⁣

⁣✔️ Peanut Butter ⁣

⁣✔️ Yogurt ⁣

⁣✔️ Pet Treats⁣

⁣All of these food bags and containers and many more can pose a life-threatening suffocation risk to your pets. And, most people have no idea!⁣ A lot of these bags are made from a strong mylar-like material (like a balloon) which helps keep snacks fresher. When a curious dog puts his head into the bag looking for leftover crumbs, the bag creates a vacuum-like seal around the dog’s neck. As he tries to breathe, the bag tightens around his neck, cutting off the oxygen. When a dog cannot remove the bag from his head, he will usually start to panic, desperately running around until he collapses and dies from asphyxiation, often losing his bowels, as well. This happens within minutes.⁣

⁣Food containers and jars can also be deadly for your pets. Cats and dogs can easily get their head stuck in one and unable to get out. ⁣Cut up all food bags and dispose of properly. Ensure containers and jars are not left open for a pet to get into. Visit our website to learn more on how to prevent pet suffocation. ❤️

(Infographic courtesy of Danada Pet Hospital)

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