Have You Considered Pet Insurance?

I never thought too much about obtaining pet insurance until I was a guest in December on a Dog Health and Wellbeing Panel Discussion hosted by Puppy Gang Fresh Foods in Canada. Another guest panelist was AJ Percal, General Manager of Furkin Pet Insurance. It was very enlightening listening to AJ talk about the benefits of pet insurance, especially in emergency situations when there isn't a lot of time to waste.

Coincidentally, on December 26th, my 11 year old Springer Spaniel, Jag, woke up and could barely move his back legs. This was alarming as it had never happened before. Since Christmas fell on a Sunday, December 26th was considered a holiday, and my vet office was closed. I had to take Jag to the ER veterinarian office nearby. After several X-Rays and an exam, Jag was diagnosed with a soft tissue injury, likely from jumping. With the exam, x-rays, and medication, our bill was $800.00 - an unexpected expense on the heels of Christmas. And, that's when I wished I had pet insurance!

As the Founder of Prevent Pet Suffocation, I hear tragic stories daily about heartbroken pet owners who find their beloved dog or cat unresponsive from nearly suffocating or having already suffocated in a food bag or container. Many frantic owners rush their pets to the vet hoping to revive them with CPR and oxygen. Some are successful. Pet suffocation is always unexpected and catches every owner by shock and surprise. This is exactly the type of pet accident that pet insurance would apply.

Jag's x-rays also revealed his heart murmur had progressed and his bladder had several bladder stones in it. As a senior dog, I foresee other issues occurring though he is in great health overall. I'll definitely be checking into any pet insurance options for a senior dog and also options for the younger dogs my children own.

If you live in Canada, check out Furkin Pet Insurance at Furkin. They offer comprehensive coverage and flexible deductibles. For those in the United States, there are several reputable pet insurance companies to fit your needs.

Prevent Pet Suffocation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.
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