Help Protect Our Wildlife from Suffocation!

Hats Off to The Royal Parks charity in London for highlighting the impact of discarded trash, litter, and food on wildlife as part of its ‘Help Nature Thrive’ campaign launched last summer. 

All pets are at risk of suffocation, but this problem affects our wildlife all over the world, too.⁣⁣ Animals and birds can get trapped or stuck inside chip bags, plastic bags, food bags, bottles, cans and containers and easily suffocate. Leftover food and plastic waste can also clog up an animal’s intestines ultimately leading to pain or death.   

The Help Nature Thrive campaign asks visitors to ‘leave no trace’ and to take their litter home or safely discard it before leaving the outdoor space. That is a wonderful credo for everyone to abide by when visiting parks, campgrounds, beaches, playgrounds, lakes, etc. 

We must all do our part in protecting our wildlife from the perils of suffocation. Most wild animals are alone in the wilderness and do not have anyone to readily help them.  ⁣

⁣Even if you’re not a pet owner, make sure that you’re still cutting up your chip bags, snack bags, pet food bags, and all other food bags before you dispose of them. Leave no trace! ⁣⁣Play your part in protecting our wildlife!

(Photo Credit – Toby Isaacson) 🐺

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November 28, 2023
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