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Puppy Accidentally Suffocates in Bag of Doritos

A one-year-old puppy suffocated after getting its head stuck in a pack of Doritos crisps. Heartbroken owner Charlotte Bodes came home to find her beloved Staffordshire Jack Russell, Stella, with her head jammed in the foil packet and unresponsive.

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Chip Bags Can Be Deadly

The danger of mylar chip bags to pets and children is not widely known. Bonnie Harlan is hoping to bring focus to this issue in the hopes chip companies will begin putting warnings on the bags and eventually change the bag materials.

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Empty Cereal Boxes and Chip Bags can be Deathtraps for Curious Pooches

Gina Mooney is another heartbroken pet owner who found her mixed-breed Molly dead after suffocating in a cereal bag. These cereal boxes and chip bags can be deathtraps for pets. 

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Pet Talk: Food Bags and Packaging Contain Deadly Threat to Pets

The Herschell family came home to a horrific scene and found their Yellow Lab, Cooper, suffocated in a pet food container. Pet suffocation is a danger that grieving pet owners are often unaware of until it's too late.

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Goodbye, Blue: A Family's Loss of a Beloved Animal Companion

Bonnie Harlan, Founder of Prevent Pet Suffocation, tells PETA about the devastating loss of her dog, Blue, to pet suffocation in a chip bag in 2011.

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Prevent Pet Suffocation and Asphyxiation

Prevent Pet Suffocation is advocating for and asking companies to put awareness labels on their packaging to warn their consumers about the possible suffocation dangers imposed on their pets.

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Snack Bag Suffocation Can Strike Any Pet

An ER Vet Tech can't forget a dog who tragically suffocated in a chip bag. She shares tips from Prevent Pet Suffocation. 

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Fox News Detroit - "Bags a Suffocation Risk for Pets"

Dan Spencer with Fox 2 News Detroit interviews the Issacs family whose dog suffocated in a pet food bag.

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